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Driveways - Cutting Hedge Lamdscapes


Block Driveways

Cutting Hedge London Driveways, installs a variety of blocks suited to a new parking space.

Bradestone driveway blocks have been designed for style and will add character to your home as well as providing safe, durable surfaces.

Cutting Hedge driveway specialist will meet with the client to discuss the finished driveway. Most councils will require you to put a drain channel at the end were the blocks meet the pedestrian walk way, this channel will collect the run off water and displace it into a soak away or drain.

A good sub base will be the key to a long lasting driveway, it is recommended that a 100mm sub base be laid on top of a good geo membrane, after compacting it down. Any kerbs used should then be cemented in.

After your Kerbs and Level run are done a good layer of sharp sand should be brought to the correct screed – level. Block laying will depend on the finish pattern and sizes. Finally, jointing with sand and finishing of with a rubber plate compacter.