Frequently Asked Questions

It is true that artificial grass installing is an easy process but that is what people say. When you really start doing it yourself then you will realise how hard it is. It requires many instruments and knowledge for the installation of artificial grass properly which our company can provide you.

Artificial grass can be laid on any kind of surface. The turf of this grass is suitable for laying on various kinds of surface even on the inclined one. You can also lay them on your roof or balcony.

Yes, our company also provides maintenance services for various kinds of gardening works like fortnightly garden maintenance, commercial garden maintenance, monthly garden maintenance and weekly garden maintenance

Well, it depends on the type of grass you choose and the area you have selected to lay them. Mostly, the artificial grass has a life span of 20 years without maintenance. But, the traffic and pollution level can decrease its life span.

Our company provides various kinds of beautiful flowers for landscaping. You can choose your own seed mix from us. So, we can provide you flowers that you wish to see in your garden.

The artificial grass does not need watering or mowing like the natural grass. They retain their same green view in every season. You do not need to spray any kind of fertiliser or chemical for their protection. So, they are absolutely eco-friendly.

The grass does not need any kind of artificial or chemical treatment for their maintenance. Only a small maintenance is required for the removal of debris or fallen leaves on them, etc.

We charge very cheap price as compared to others in the market. To know about our price rate, feel free to contact us anytime. You will find the contact details here on our website.